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We’ve got unique language classes everyday. The classes are not only for learning the languages, also having a splendid time, in a family-like environment. You can attend the classes with 500 yen. Although you have to order at least one drink (300 yen ~). That’s because we don’t want to make the classes go too serious and repressive. Your smile and affableness will certainly help us a lot!

the learn

We believe that the best way of learning is to make friends and speak, speak, speak! We’ll try to create as many opportunities as we can for you to improve your language skill. Language is all about confidence, the more you speak, the more you learn. For you who just arrived in Japan and have a language problem, we’d like you to enjoy and have a nice conversation in the new air. Let’s be friends!

Don’t worry! You can come by your own!


Please don’t be nervous to come and join by yourself. We are all friendly and would like to be friends with you and there’ll be always a support for you to let you into a class smoothly (Our support speaks Japanese and English). No need to book or anything beforehand, just get a drink and join!