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Beginner Japanese Class

Japanese Language Class

Saturday Japanese Class

Explorer Japan! (Japanese Class & event @ 80’s Cafe)

Tokyo, JP
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For those who want to study Japanese, this is the best place to learn it! We also welcome those who want to teach Japanese. Let’s study Japanese together !!Features :・Lesso…

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Saturday Japanese Class @ 80’s cafe

Saturday, Aug 20, 2016, 1:00 PM
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English / French

Tuesday English Conversation Meetup

Thursday English Conversation Meetup

La conversation en français

Language Classes & events @ 80’s Café, Akihabara

Tokyo, JP
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This is the community for :・ Not only for Japanese but also Foreigner ・ People who want to make Japanese or Foreign friends ・ People who would like to practice their langua…

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Thursday English Conversation Meetup @ 80’s Cafe

Thursday, Aug 18, 2016, 7:30 PM
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learn Japanese and its country

80’s Cafe is home to a pleasant and warm community in Akihabara, Tokyo. We offer language classes allowing you to learn about the Japanese language and its culture by learning with our staff. Gratefully there are also a lot of Japanese people joining the class for the chance of getting an international atmosphere so that you can have a fun talk to a lot of people after a class. Every Friday at 19:30, You’ll find new friends in here!


Our community does not only provide free language classes, we also encourage communication through seasonal fun events. With your feedback we shall plan memorable events to support your understanding for authentic Japanese culture. Why don’t you join our community and give feedback. Let’s share special moments together at 80′s Cafe.

about teachers

Currently we have lessons for three languages – English, Japanese and Chinese. Basically the classes start from 19:30 and if not, we always notify on our Facebook page. One drink or food order is required to join, but we don’t take further charge. It’s all to make a good community by learning languages together.

Jake: American

Akko(あっこ): Japanese A participatory Japanese class by a marvellous musical girl, Akko. Through her study about languages in the university, her passion for teaching Japanese is high and the way she teaches is of high quality. Various topics she chooses are quite interesting and popular among the people who just started studying Japanese and is getting into Japanese culture and tradition. She’s got 2 classes for beginners and advanced so that you can pick the one matches your Japanese skill.

Ryumin (りゅーみん): Chinese Hello, my name is Ryumin(りゅーみん) from Shanghai teaching Chinese in 80’s Cafe. I’m very easy going and friendly. I really like teaching Chinese as much as having a good time with the people who come to 80’s Cafe. The purpose of my lesson is not only teaching you the language, but also I’d like to share our Chinese culture and personalities which I think is one of the most important thing to teach. If you’d like to know more about China, please come to join my class!

Kawai (かわい): Japanese Having grown up in America, she will teach English and American culture to you. She’s really keen on the 80’s independent culture and, on some night, she even turns to be a DJ. The class goes with English only and no Japanese. If you are interested in not only English, but also American culture, this is the class for you.