events and rental space

We need friends when we have a smashing time, ain’t we?

We often have special events at 80s Cafe and have done so many parties such as Christmas Party, Halloween party and St.Patricks Day’s party.
The parties ain’t only held on the special holidays, but also at the weekend or even during weekdays. You can check coming events on our Facebook page and if you follow us on Facebook, we shall let you know as soon as we create an event through our official page.

the next event


rental space

80’s Cafe offer you the rental space and you can have a party by your own with your people.
In 80’s Cafe, we have a lot of tools for your meetings, classes and parties as follows;

  • 60 inches TV display
  • internet connection(WiFi)
  • Mac Book Pro, iPad, Windows computer
  • print-out service (photo, paper and anything)
  • whiteboard

Also we can serve various foods and drinks. If you have any questions, please contact us.